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Local Research on Cetaceans

Uncover the essence of Dolphin Adventure’s contribution to marine science. Our boats are more than just vessels for observation; they are vibrant biological platforms. Each day, our expert guides gather critical data during our tours, offering significant insights into the marine ecosystems we explore with such enthusiasm.

This invaluable data is shared with prestigious entities, such as the Marine Biology Laboratory at the University of Seville, amongst other institutions. Our collaborative aim is to monitor and positively impact the conservation status of the dolphin populations that enchant our waters.

What is Photo ID?

At the heart of our research efforts is the Photo ID technique. By observing the unique features of dorsal fins, we can identify individual dolphins. These distinctive markings, shaped by both nature and external factors, allow us to estimate population numbers in the least intrusive manner. Through regular photographic documentation, we analyse the abundance and sighting frequency of each dolphin in the bay, shedding light on their habitats and behaviours.

Our research goes beyond simple observation. Each year, we compile our findings into comprehensive reports, utilising Geographic Information Systems to accurately map dolphin locations. This process not only reveals migration patterns and habitat preferences but also supports the monitoring of injured individuals. Currently, we are preparing articles to inform authorities about the detrimental effects of human interaction on dolphins, including injuries from propellers and entanglement in fishing debris.

Our methodical scientific approach enriches the dolphin-watching experience for our visitors. By choosing Dolphin Adventure, you’re not just witnessing these splendid creatures in their natural setting; you’re actively supporting vital conservation work. Embark on an adventure that’s as educational as it is exhilarating, where each sighting helps safeguard our marine environment.


Common Dolphins Gibraltar
Common Dolphins Gibraltar
Billie the Bottlenose Dolphin
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