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Welcome to our Dolphin Watching Code of Conduct. To ensure both an enriching experience for our guests and the wellbeing of the cetaceans we admire, we adhere to specific guidelines. These practices allow us to observe these magnificent creatures responsibly, ensuring their safety and comfort during our encounters. Please join us in following these principles to protect marine life and enjoy a truly remarkable experience.

Approach Gently

Always approach cetaceans slowly, ideally at 4 knots, and from the side to avoid causing distress.

Maintain a Steady Course

Keep your vessel at a slow, no-wake speed, with a constant direction to help the animals feel secure and increase the likelihood of a closer encounter.

No Reversing

Never reverse the vessel around dolphins or whales.

Avoid Disruptive Maneuvers

Do not cross directly in front of cetaceans or attempt to predict their path, as this can lead to avoidance behavior.

Respect Group Integrity

Never split a pod or group. Ensure dolphins and whales don't feel encircled, maintaining a respectful distance, especially around mothers and calves.

Limit Interaction Time

Spend no more than 20 minutes with a group of cetaceans before moving on, unless they choose to follow.

No Feeding

Feeding cetaceans is strictly prohibited, as is allowing passengers to do so.

Minimise Noise

Encourage passengers to be as quiet as possible to avoid disturbing the cetaceans.

Recognise Distress

Be vigilant for signs of distress among the cetaceans and leave the area at very low speed if any are observed.

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