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Will there be room for me to see the dolphins?


Yes, there is plenty of front line space on Dolphin Adventures catamarans, you could line the handrails with our full compliment of passengers and there would still be room to see.

Is morning or afternoon better?


It really depends on the day, sometimes the wind is blowing in the morning but drops off in the afternoon and visa versa.The dolphins are completely wild and every trip is different.

What about motion sickness, will it be rough?


We are on the sea, but the bigger the boat, the less you feel it, that's why we have the biggest whale and dolphin watching vessel in Gibraltar, to make your cruise the most comfortable experience possible.If you are still concerned, we recommend you seek out a preventative remedy that works for you and eat lightly before embarking.

Are there toilets on board?


Yes, both of our vessels have toilets.

Will I be able to touch the dolphins or whales?


As responsible dolphin and whale watchers we don't approach to within 60m of the dolphins and 100m of the whales.That doesn't mean the dolphins or whales can't come to us if they want, but if they do, you are not allowed to touch them.

What is the Dolphin Guarantee?


The dolphin guarantee allows each person with a valid ticket that has booked directly with us on a cruise that does not see dolphins to return on another cruise. It is necessary that you book your free trip in advance as it may be booked, so you need to secure your place.

Can I get a refund instead of a return voucher?


No, we understand some people can't come back if they are travelling or for other reasons, which is why your complimentary ticket will have no expiry date. Each time we go out on a cruise to find dolphins or whales we do our upmost to find them for you but on very rare occasions they may simply not be there.

Can i give my return voucher to someone else?


No, we reissue your return voucher with your name on it.

The idea is that if you missed out on seeing dolphins or  whales, you should be the one to come back and enjoy it.

Can I use my return voucher next year?


We do allow you to use your return voucher next season.

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