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Dolphins Gibraltar

Gibraltar's Dolphins

Wild & Free!

Dolphin Tour Rates

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Dolphin Adventure Boats

Dolphin Trip

Dive into an unforgettable Dolphin Adventure! Experience the joy of meeting Gibraltar's playful dolphins up close on our exciting dolphin watching trips. Perfect for all ages, this adventure offers a chance to connect with the ocean's most charismatic inhabitants. Join us for a magical journey on the sea that you'll remember for a lifetime.

Adult Fare            £28.00     £25.00
Child <12  Fare    £14.00     £12.00

Dolphin and Cable Car Combo tickets

Dolphin & Cable Car Combo

Combine the excitement of dolphin watching with awe-inspiring views from the cable car in one exclusive ticket. Ideal for both adults and kids, this adventure takes you from the enchanting underwater world to breathtaking aerial vistas of Gibraltar. Experience a day filled with joy, discovery, and the unparalleled beauty of sea and sky. Don’t miss this unique journey that promises fun and memorable moments for everyone

Adult Fare            £47.00    £38.50
Child <12  Fare    £23.00    £18.50

Our Excursions

Gorham's Cave

Gorham's Cave Tour

Embark on a sea voyage to Gibraltar's UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gorham's Cave Complex. Enjoy insightful commentary from Professor Clive Finlayson, the esteemed Curator at the Gibraltar Museum. Due to the specialised nature of this tour, we kindly ask interested guests to get in touch so we can arrange a personalised visit.

University of Gibraltar social Dolphin Excursion

Private Charters

Elevate your forthcoming group gathering or corporate event with our tailor-made private charter experiences. Offering special rates for corporate and group bookings, these charters promise an exclusive and memorable day out on the water. Please enquire with us to discuss how we can customise this experience to suit your needs.

Gibraltar Whales

Whale Watching

Join us during the summer months to observe some of the largest mammals on Earth in their natural habitat, navigating the migratory routes of The Strait of Gibraltar. As these magnificent creatures are wild and follow natural migration patterns, we cannot guarantee specific dates or sightings. Thus, we invite guests to enquire, allowing us to advise on the best opportunities for a potential sighting based on current patterns.

Come on a virtual tour with us!

Embark on a digital voyage with Dolphin Adventure. From the gentle bobbing of our vessel to the exuberant jumps of dolphins at your side, our virtual tour offers a sneak peek into the extraordinary experiences awaiting you. Sail through Gibraltar’s crystal-clear waters and capture the essence of adventure from your own living room. Fancy a preview of your next splendid adventure?

Dolphin Adventure Gibraltar

Meet The Crew

At the heart of every memorable outing with Dolphin Adventure is our splendid crew. Comprising seasoned skippers, erudite marine biologists, and cordial customer service representatives, our team shares a profound passion for the ocean and its denizens. Acquaint yourself with the experts who will ensure your journey is not only enlightening but safe and thrilling.

Responsible Dolphin Watching

Dolphin Adventure is staunchly committed to the ethical and considerate observation of marine life. The cornerstone of our ethos is responsible dolphin watching. We abide by stringent guidelines to guarantee our interactions are discreet and advocate for the dolphins' welfare and their habitat. Discover our conservation endeavours, educational projects, and how every excursion aids in the appreciation and safeguarding of these splendid creatures.

Billie the bottlenose Dolphin
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